Taylor Street Studio, a vlog


Aesthetically, I’m a minimalist.  Websites and paintings with stark white backgrounds and monochrome foregrounds appeal to me a lot for their economy of design.  Content-wise however, I’m a total maximalist (if that’s the right word).  I like lush movies, with tightly edited and painstakingly shot and arranged settings and art.  I like lush music, with as much as they can fit into the track– bass, guitar, synth, horns, polyrhythmic beats, vocals– all bursting into the mix, giving me something new to hear every time I listen.

Taylor Street Studio is the first vlog I’ve found that caters to that blend of minimalist presentation and copious content to absorb.  The site itself is clean, simple and easy to navigate. None of the posts are very long, text entries never extend past a few paragraphs and the videos are all shorter than ten minutes.

The video topics are chosen with a journalist’s sense for timeliness and a documentary filmer’s eye for eclecticism.  Just on the first page are videos about an early 20th Century religious figure who claimed he was “God,” Geocaching and my favorite, a monthly street art festival in Portland, Oregon.

Each video is shot with zero voice-over from the director (something I really like) and a minimum of narrative in general.  Instead the well-edited sequences of stills and imaginative video let the viewer form their own story out of the information.


One Response to “Taylor Street Studio, a vlog”

  1. ssloansjca Says:

    You nailed this assignment! Great job.


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