Naked Conversations


So I’m going to keep this blog pretty short because i don’t see much need to go into depth on what Scoble and Israel were talking about in their book. It was pretty clear in the first chapter (actually very clear as they said what the book was about), and then reinforced in the following chapters that the book was about blogging, more specifically compainies and corporations need of the use of blogging in order to get ahead in markets today. It seemed mostly a reinforcement of the ideas presented in Cluetrain Manifesto, that companies need to get out there and talk to their consumers in order to find out what is going on in the markets and what their consumers actually want, as statistics do not really tell as much as once thought.
So I said I was going to keep this short so i will. But, if you just skimmed through what i wrote above, here is a one sentence summary: Companies need to start blogging, because without it, they will die.


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