Naked Conversations Post


In the book, Naked Conversations, Scoble and Israel discuss the impact of blogging, calling it, “one of the most powerful components to emerge so far in a communications revolution.” They talk about both the positive and negative aspects of this movement, with accounts from the bloggers themselves.
It seems blogging definitely has an impact on the way the public views a company. I could see this firsthand, when they were talking about how Microsoft had been viewed in a very negative light in the past. And now, largely do to blogging, the public is looking at them more favorably. Blogging seems to be working, because I had no idea they were ever a hated company, so it is easy to see how their reputation has improved in the general public’s eyes.
The book also talks about the speed at which blogs are spreading, saying “today there are about 20 million bloggers worldwide, and by the time you read this, the number will be higher still.” They refer to it as a “revolution” sometimes, and I would have to agree. It’s weird because a while ago I didn’t really even know what a blog was, and now people are writing entire books about the huge impact they are having on society.
One thing that’s kind of scary to think about though, is the idea of false information in blogs. If bloggers really do hold all this power in their hands, as the book makes it seem, then it seems people’s reputations could be ruined if someone who didn’t like them or held a grudge against them for some reason, decided they wanted to post false statements about them.
So far, I like this book better than Cluetrain. I like that they define different terms, rather than just assuming we already know what they mean. Also, I think it’s written in a more readable, less pretentious way.


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