Pages 1-62 of Naked Conversations


Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s book, Naked Conversations, reiterates The Cluetrain Manifesto’s main theme–blogging will revolutionize conversations between markets and their consumers.

Although comprised with the same principles and ideas, I found Naked Conversations a much better and easier read. In the book, Scoble and Israel quote real-life business CEOs, one being Bill Gates, making the book that much more interesting, while solidifying their theories at the same time.

“You are letting people have a sense of the people here. You’re building a connection. People feel more a part of this. Maybe they’ll tell us how we can better improve our products.”
– Bill Gates

Naked Conversations explains to business people why they should be blogging:

  • The “WE talk and YOU listen” broadcast market approach is losing its effect, or it has never really worked at all.

  • Word of mouth advertising, which blogging provides, is sufficient, spreads at a rapid speed, perceived as trustworthy to your customers, and is CHEAP!

  • Employee blogging “humanizes” your company.

  • Blogging is the easiest way to send your message to the masses.

  • Blogging is the next BIG THING–jump onto the bandwagon and BLOG, BLOG, BLOG!!!


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