Do we really like being Naked??


Press releases, the control of information is fading away and bowing to blogging, the tool that makes employees bypass a stressed out PR person just to talk with his own customers. MicroSoft seems to regain relationships because of blogging. It had an attitude problem-no attitude at all, but now blogging had humanized the company.

This two way internet conversation reminds us that we as humans are in a constant state of changing. We don’t like doing the same thing constantly yet there is one thing we do constantly- we change, maybe evolve, maybe adjust, and even cause a revolution but LIFE as we know will continue to be the same.

“A high rank on a Google page has become more valuable than an army of PR operatives pumping out Press Releases”– and Blogging is the best Google juice.

The Tool Lust in blogging is spreading like a virus.

No need to yell, if your product is remarkable it’s worth talking about it.

It’s very interesting that finally a small fish like Horsefeathers finally found the tool to take on the big sharks like MacDonald’s, and Pizza Hut-Thanks to time consuming Blogging that cost less amount of advertising spending.

How could we talk and not feel vulnerable or NAKED?


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