Naked Conversations (Part 1)


Chapters 1-5

What I’ve read so far in these chapters is another response to how blogs can benefit the way businesses and their customers can interact with one another. By creating a community in a so called, “blogosphere,” CEOs or company representatives can connect more on a personal level with those who are affected by their service or product.

Scoble and Israel used the example of Microsoft as a company, in which many people who were using the program were creating anti-Microsoft movements. Manager of the XML team Joshua Allen wanted to speak on behalf of Microsoft to the regular public so that they knew that the company did care about their customers. That’s why he started blogging. He was hoping it would influence other employees to get out there and keep people constantly updated.

On page 27, Scoble states, “Businesses need to join the conversations because they build trust.” People need to know that they can rely on other companies. The key to a good relationship is communication, and that’s surely is a fact.


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