Naked Conversations (Part 2)


Chapters 5&6

I feel that these two chapters coincide because they both show examples of using Blogging as an effective tool for personal use and also for the benefit of the community. Blogging is normally used by “naturally curious people,” and basically the key to a good blog is to just talk to people. Talking to people in this way can help spark an interest and they will blog about that, which in the end will create a chain reaction.

An example in Chapter 5 is the Dallas-based Fellowship Church. Internet manager Brian Bailey of the Fellowship Church began to blog about diverse subjects that created discussions among the church community. This infuenced 20 other church employees to blog about other diverse subjects. Blogging impacted the community in many ways. They found a new way to communicate with one another and share their love of writing as well.

An example in Chapter 6 is from Attorney Ernest Svenson and he uses blogging to “discover insight about himself.” Although it is not a bad thing to market your goods or services in a cost/time efficient manner such as blogging, people like to read about other people and see that they are not alone in this world. Blogging encourages conversation and the point of a conversation is to get to know others in your field or community, and also to raise questions about issues.


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  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Good ideas. Thanks for the post.


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