Naked Conversatons


The more i read this book, the more I begin to understand why it is titled Naked Conversations. Other than the part in the book where it says naked conversations, it helps you to better understand and is in itself a good definition of blogging. Blogging is naked, you just put yourself out there for everyone to see and read. There is no editors or censorship (unless done by the author themselves), its all just original thoughts and feelings.
This portion of the book just read, it does a very good job at telling of the importance of blogging for smaller companies. The smaller your company, chances are, the smaller your marketing budget. Therefore, blogging is a great, cheap way for companies to get their names out there that generally would probably go unheard of. Without blogging, many companies, products, and individuals would go unheard, and be buried under all the big names and bigger budgets.


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