Naked, part II


The first block of reading I was to do in “Naked Conversations” solidified personally that Robert Scoble really was passionate and knowledgeable about the blogosphere. His compilation of success stories in the next reading assignment further demonstrates this. Both the depth of thought into the applications put forth by the blog authors and the passion Mr. Scoble, and Shel Israel, have in writing about them is expressed well.

Chapter five was built completely of good news for bloggers. The little guys prevailing. From MacLeod quoting of Cluetrain to a tailor, to a church pulling its congregation closer all the bloggers in this section of the book have achieved more than their goals.

A few examples, Buzz Bruggeman and his way into the blogospere, The Treo blog going from $50 revenue to $20,000 of income, each subset of chapter five is a boost to blog, and as a matter of fact, tells “how-to.”

Here, in chapter six, is the practical use tips and afore mentioned “how-to’s” of a successful blogger. Starting with a good example, Ernie the Attorney, three of the five tips from the previous chapter are addressed. Talk, don’t sell. Ernie says, after agreeing to be interviewed, not to be “Mr. Marketing Guy.” Post often and be interesting. Building a reputation on your blog to be credible not a salesperson. And, write about what you know. Also exemplified by the designers example, but Ernest built an informed and entertained fan base. Point blank, chapter six tell us, a successful blog is not a marketing campaign.


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