Blog or Die part 3 (up to 146)


The chapter about Public Relations was quite interesting. I never knew that PR had such a bad reputation, but I do agree that they handle the truth a little different than journalists or bloggers.etc. And it’s not an euphemism to say that they lie constantly. I think PR simply say things the way they see it, which is often biased I might add but aren’t they supposed to be anyway? I also find it interesting that the authors see two schools of PR today (command and control/listen and participate).
The next chapter talks about the blogosphere in other countries. I was surprised to learn that Germany had such a low number of bloggers while France’s prominent blogosphere is pretty understandable. Amid presidential elections, blogs must be all over the Internet accross the Atlantic.
I like the part in the following chapter about who should or should not blog. I think everybody should be able to blog or rant for that matter!


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