Cultures and blogging


I don’t know why the chapter on cultures and blogging surprised me so but I had a hard time believing that some cultures were blogging more than others. I now understand that blogging is as deep as the type of personalities that can participate in them. Many business men, regardless of where they do or start their business, take a journey learning how to keep their business going. Some are going to feel that blogs are never necessary, while other feel that they are the heart that drives their business. The example of the BMW company in Germany was an especially good point. I’m thinking that maybe BMW in particular feels that customer in put would throw them off their mission as a company. I had not considered this idea until I had read this chapter. Now that assuption could be wrong, but it’s worth thinking about. To comment quickly on Chapter 9, I will say that I agree that there are definately some people who should not be able to blog. Reading that chapter, it made me think of a scene from that movie “V for Vendetta”, when they showed how the president would make this press announcements that would be shown all over Britain, interrupting television programs or people conducting personal business on the street. Some blogs would simply be composed of possessive-like leaders, making statements to large audiences, but never listening to the feed back. It would be one sided and would defeat the purpose of blogging the first place.

 For my pod cast, I have decided to feature some various parts of the bay area in video. This was the first thing to pop into my mind and I’m hoping it will develop even further. I love to travel and their are parts of California that I have not seen yet.


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  1. ssloansjca Says:

    This really should be two posts. Not only does combining two topics, the final and the reading, into one post make it easy for me to miss one point when I am grading, it makes it hard for your audience to link back to your posts from their own blogs.

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