naked conversations


One thing I liked in this weeks reading, was the chapter on the way blogs affect other parts of the world, and the story of how quickly they can spread information. Le Meur is one of Europe’s best-known bloggers, so when he wrote an open letter to Leclerc, a prominent businessman, in one of his blogs, he hoped Leclerc would somehow receive the message. The speed at which this information reached its’ target audience was pretty amazing. As the book states, “Less than 48 hours after panning one of France’s most influential luminaries, Le Meur found himself sitting across from him in the latter’s executive office.”

I also found it interesting that the amount of bloggers in a country is not proportional to the population. In fact, it has more to do with culture than anything, as more conservative and reserved countries have fewer bloggers than those such as America and France, who encourage society to speak openly and freely. It seems countries that fail to see the importance of blogging are only hurting themselves. The numbers clearly show how businesses in Japan have used blogs to increase sales and reach new markets.


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  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Good analysis, thank you for it.


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