Naked Conversations III – Joe Aguila


A lot of interesting read in Naked Conversations, but the one section I didn’t agree was in Chapter 9 – Who should Not Blog. Anyone who wants to blog should blog, no matter how dull, boring or uninteresting they may sound. The internet is so vast, I’m sure you’ll eventually capture some sort of audience. In this chapter, they mentioned Saddam Hussein shouldn’t blog (well from my understanding of current news, i think he’s dead) but even if he did blog or does, I think it would be interesting read (more for comedic relief). However, as I continue to read Naked Conversations, I’m liking the book more and more. Blogging is becoming a way of life, and not only are people accepting it, so are businesses. I give the casual blogger more credit than they deserve, if you know something doesn’t sound right or the information in a blog doesn’t seem accurate then it probably isn’t. And the great thing about blogging, also mentioned in Chapter 9, we can all post what ever we want to say and if you don’t like it, well, “tough love.”


One Response to “Naked Conversations III – Joe Aguila”

  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Yes, I agree with you. Great job!


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