Naked Conversations- PR


I’m reading a chapter about PR in a textbook for another class (a design class, not a PR class, though).  According to that book,  Graphic Communications Today, PR is “the planned effort to influence public opinion through satisfactory- even exemplary -performance and two-way communication.” Coincidentally, part of the reading in Naked Conversations for this New Media in Journalism class was Chapter 7, which was interestingly titled, “Survival of the Publicists.”   Scoble and Israel write about two schools of PR: “command and control” and “listen and participate.” Out of those two schools, the people from the “listen and participate” school of thought are more likely to blog.  I think it’s interesting that Scoble and Israel separate PR into two different groups, as oppose to the general term from the Graphic textbook.  When I read the Graphics textbook’s definition for PR, I was surprised that “two-way communication” was included in the definition.  Perhaps I’m being hard on PR, but I hadn’t considered it as “two-way communication” before (“Spin” is a common, if perhaps stereotypical, word usually associated with PR).  I think separating PR into two different groups is more accurate and emphasizes the importance of listening to your audience.  Blogging can be a more straightforward of communicating information without as much fluff.


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