Naked Conversations pg. 63-97


I’ve been in Mexico for a week, so I am trying to catch up with all of my reading and blogs. Chapter 5 in Naked Conversations is an account of many blogging success stories. It focuses on small businesses that have been transformed into something big because of blogging, like Thomas Mahon the Savile Row tailor who gained global reach through blogging.

         The account of Buzz Bruggerman, CEO of Active words shows us how blogging can be an entry point into the otherwise cold world of the tech community. Through blogging Bruggerman found his way into the center ring of the tech community.

       At the end of chapter 5 the authors give us five tips to a successful blog. The tip that I found was the most useful and that was repeated a lot throughout the chapter was “Talk, don’t sell.” If you try to sell your product on your blog people will lose interest and trust in your blog. People read blogs to talk to people, not to be sold something.

        Although blogs can can save businesses money by cutting advertising costs, we are warned that the cost is taken out of your time, the time it takes to read and posts blogs. Horsefeather’s owner Ben Williams admits that blogging takes a lot more time than advertising would, but he also adds that he has much more more fun and it is way more effective, so if it’s done right, it pays off in the end.

         In chapter six we see how blogging is the best tool for creating word of mouth evangelism by customers who spread the about what you do and why other people should believe in it. Instead of the traditional one way marketing, blogging provides customers with a forum for real life communication where they can engage in discussions.


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  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Good analysis. You are right on.


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