Final Project Theme: Poetry Continued


I decided to continue my flow of poetry, so I will sing along to two other of my favorite rap lyrics. These songs are so harmonious, they’re confused for lullabies. These will be three video podcasts.

 I lip-synched to “Blow the Whistle.” I’m going to add “Tell me when to go” and “Money in the bank.” I may even dance to “By Myself” by the Ying Yang Twins.



2 Responses to “Final Project Theme: Poetry Continued”

  1. Steve Sloan Says:

    Be sure you are not using copyrighted material. I may ask you for a release from the Ying Yang twins for the use of their music.

  2. ssloansjca Says:

    Be sure you execute this in way that each post tells a story. Think of the way a radio or TV news program is broken up with a number of stories about given subjects. They can be feature or news stories but they all have to tell us about something.

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