Naked Conversations, pgs. 63-97:


The power of the blog: The blogger used to pay to attend tech conferences, and after the power of the blow emerged, bloggers were being asked to these conferences. The tech sector is now mainly covered by blogs.

According to Jim McGee, bloggers “are the agents that tech companies tried and failed to produce with artificial intelligence.”

Bloggers like Andrew Carton learned from his Treo phone that there were other “treonauts” in the world, which lead to online stores with decent revenues.

The Stonyfield Farm story was interesting because I like their yogurt products. For a company to expand from a “folksy” operation to a $200-million megabusiness 20 years later is, well, incredible. Why? All because the organization maintained a trustworthy, accessible image. Innovative tactics like messages on the yogurt lids and female-inclined marketing since those were their biggest consumers. The CEO creatively devised five blogs, which increased customer loyalty. Ingenius.

The five tips seem legit: “talk, don’t sell”: yes! Don’t sell because it seems false and money oriented. Most will be turned off. “Post often and be interesting”: I’ve read some really bad blog that are poorly written and lack imagination. “Write on issues you know and care about”: Yes, because many complain about their jobs because they’re not pursuing what they’re passionate about. This epiphany happens to many 10, 15, 20 years later in their career. “Blogging saves money but costs time”: I’m single, I have plenty of time. If you’re partnered, make time. “You get smarter by listening to what people tell you”: that’s true if they’re sane and coherent. There will be all tips of sentiment voiced in blogs but if you can separate your feelings and ego from the nastiness, you’ll grow.

Last words: Companies get a damn blog. If not, your competitors will have an advantage.


One Response to “Naked Conversations, pgs. 63-97:”

  1. Steve Sloan Says:

    Great analysis. I think it will become increasingly important to be in this space as time goes on. Another facet of blogging is crisis management. If there is a problem with a product having an honest and trusted face to your company will allow your company to react to bad events much better.

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