Naked Conversations: pgs. 149-208


What I like about blogs is the freedom of expression: There aren’t any defined limits or glass ceilings that limit the writer’s imagination transcribed through the Web.

The company Vichy got caught with their phony blogger; the public isn’t naïve. The character blog failed. Vichy apologized. (Good!) The dialogue between consumer and company was restored and repaired. Blogs are like Band-Aids. They help heal.

HP’s lack of blogging didn’t help the public understand the termination of Carly Fiorina and its impact on the company and employees.

Like I said in my previous blog, there’s no room for neutrality or diplomacy in the blog world—say it well, say it strong and say it clear. Like Bubba Sparxx said: “get it right, get it tight.” (A line from Mx. New Booty.) He’s a true genius.  

“Sin, suffer, repent.” Geez, am I in church again? The book got preachy for a minute. Sprinkle extra holy water on me because…

The tips were intruging:

The importance of the blog’s name: keep it clear, like the blog’s opinion.

Read the damn blogs. Duh. Get a RSS aggregator. You know I did.

Be concise. A little redundant.

Passion and authority—that’s what validifies the blog. Lacking either will come off as something posed or insincere, and you know you’ll be back at blog church with “sin, suffer, repent.”

Respond to the responds. You got to keep it a two-way street. A dialogue.

Connect with links. That makes sense: connect to the web of the Web. It’ll probably get you more hits, too. Haay.

Avoid litigious issues: Don’t talk crap! Make sure you know your HR policies! You’ll get caught. Even bosses can’t make the mistake of discussing termination situations.

This chapter became a bit redundant; however some of the tips and topics discussed were helpful. Again, blogs must be from the heart without legal infractions.


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