You are now free to blog about the country. (Naked Conversations)


They have said it several times in the book: there are no set rules to blogging. However, they then go on to say how companies shouldn’t blog, and why they shouldn’t blog, which seems kind of like rules. I don’t think companies shouldn’t blog if they don’t want to do it the “traditional” way. They should be able to run their blogs however they please. If they get criticism for it, so be it. You cant always make everyone happy. Or, maybe we should keep “traditional” blogs as blogs, and create corporate blogs for corporations to do whatever they want and call them clogs or something. At least this way, companies are still getting more feedback from their consumers, and they know what their target markets want. Such as Mazda with their 30 second spot that flopped both on TV and on their blog. At the very least they now know that that isn’t what their target market wants.
Its better to get in a conversation about yourself, in any way, instead of just standing idly by and watching.


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