Just so you know (besides teaching)


Transparency: About Me
I had been a newspaper photographer before coming to SJSU. I also ran my own business doing photography and media production (primarily for labor unions.) My BA was in photojournalism. In 1987 I was hired by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC) as a photo lab technician. I became an Information Technology Consultant (ITC) as a result of JMC’s purchase of computers for desktop publishing. An ITC is a very general job classification used for technicians who are generalists rather than narrowly defined specialists.

After my hire in JMC I went back to school under the fee waiver system and received my MA in Instructional Technology, with a concentration in Media Design and Development. I am an Instructional Designer by training. Having an interest in operating systems and especially content creation applications, I studied my passion mostly on my own time. I was certified on Windows 2000 by Microsoft. I started blogging, podcasting and video blogging.

After years of desktop and application support in JMC and the College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) I was assigned to Academic Technology to a position that has been described as “running the help desk.”

I am a believer in collective bargaining. The fact that the CSU system had a union was a primary reason I sought employment with SJSU in 1987. You might say I am a philosophical trade unionist. Others may not agree with my pro-union views but it is not just a philosophy at SJSU. Collective bargaining became the law of the land in the CSU system with the passing of the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA).


One Response to “Just so you know (besides teaching)”

  1. msanouvong Says:

    NO wonder…it’s clear now how you have such a good eye for images. I really enjoyed how you put together your vlog on your favorite moments. It was simple in thought (capturing you and your granddaughter on film) but very beautiful in the outcome. =)

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