Naked Conversations pg. 149-208


This book has changed my initial perception of blogging.  I was first introduced to blogging from a past teacher who made blogging a bi-weekly homework assignment.  She pretty much killed the whole blogging experience for me because she put so many rules and restrictions on it that it just made blogging a strenuous, boring task.  She told us what to blog about.  She warned us that one misspelled word or the improper use of grammar was “gonna cost you (us).”  It was horrible. 

 From reading Naked Conversations, however, I’ve learned that blogging doesn’t have rules or restrictions as my former teacher warned and pushed.  The innate essence of blogging is to blog from the heart.  Blog about what you know.  Blog about what you have passion for.  And if there’s a few errors in the message- SO WHAT!  It shows your audience a “real human” is writing, and not an edited version of yourself or of your thoughts.  Who has edited thoughts anyway??? 

I do agree that a person has to blog smart, that intellect should be applied to blogs.  But rules and restrictions as to what to blog about and how to blog it kills the whole point of blogging.  Although, I’m not condoning mind-numbingly boring blogs that are full of misspelled words and/or has really aweful grammar.  <– That’s where the intellect should come in. 

Scoble and Israel give tips and suggestions as to how to blog the right way (IE. Scoble’s Corporate Weblog Manifesto).  This prompted another student in my class to conclude that they’re being hypocritical.  “They are saying there are no rules, but at the same time layout rules for their readers to follow.”  However, I don’t agree.  I think both authors are merely suggesting how to blog the right way-be passionate, have authority, be interesting, and be honest.  There are no rules to blogging, just rules to having a successful blog. 

I now understand the whole phenomenon of blogging and the blogosphere-everyone has something to say, and everyone wants to be heard.


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