Naked Conversations pg. 208-232


Today, more and more businesspeople understand that blogs are here to stay and that companies need to figure out how to incorporate them into the way they communicate.
Scoble and Israel-

Scoble and Israel do great in explaining the significance and benefits for a company to allow their employees to blog freely.  But it still seems however huge the benefits are, allowing employees to blog freely in the public sphere is a very scary thing. 

My place of work is creating a company/department blog as we speak.  Replacing our old website, it’s purpose is to boost team morale and allow efficient rapport building.  Although many aregung-ho about it, many others still have their concerns, including myself.  Someone blogging something negative is our main concern.  But how could we regulate blogs?  If we start putting limitations as to what is “bloggable” and what is not, inevitably, the blog will be considered fake or untrustworthy.  The public will be able to see right through it and our own employees might not even want to participate if there are stringent restrictions. 

As of right now, there will simply be a disclaimer explaining that any/all postings do not actually reflect the thoughts/actions of our company/department.  We’ve decided to trust the employees who blog.  I’m just hoping that Scoble and Israel are right about the benefits to a company blog.  I’m also hoping that no one ends up getting dooced. 


One Response to “Naked Conversations pg. 208-232”

  1. Mack Collier Says:

    There’s plenty of trust and faith needed in order to start a company blog. But if a company/organization is willing to open the lines of communication with its customers, that’s never a bad thing. Communication leads to understanding, and talking to your customers and honestly attempting to understand them is a GREAT way to create evangelists for your company.

    The ‘scare factor’ is high before starting a blog, but once you get in the waters, the fear begins to ebb. As long as you make an honest effort to approach a company blog as a tool to better communicate with, and understand your customers, your efforts will be rewarded.

    Good luck!

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