Blog or Die part 4 and 5 (up to 232)


In the first part I like the part “When bad blogs turn good,” it reminds me of this girl mentioned in We the Media by Dan Gillmor that created a blog while she was supposedly dying of cancer but eventually the whole thing turned out to be a hoax. It also proved that nowadays citizens journalists are as good at investigating as journalists. The authors also mentioned the issue of anonymity: How can you have have a real conversation with a character that does not actually exist, or one who might be real but hides his perspective in a cloak of anonymity?
The second part deals with the aspect of subscription and of course not surprisingly rss comes into the discussion. Basically you do not have to go and look for information but it comes to you if you subscribed to receive it. Now rss is not limited to blogs but almost all online media have adopted it so in brief you don’t have to look, the information you want, need comes fromt the sites that you usually like to visit.


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