N.C. 149-208


I can remember watching the video displaying the exploit for Kryptonite locks
locks and laughing.  I never learned about the company’s sluggish, ambivalent response until now.

In “Blogging Wrong,” It was interesting to see all the vitriol directed against so-called character blogs.  Admittedly, looking some of them up, they were distinctly corny and at times rather insulting to one’s intelligence.  How strong do marketing types assume our suspension of disbelief is? you think to yourself more than once.

My question is how the pitfalls could apply to blogs attached to existing journalism outlets.  Do dailies and glossy magazines have a leg-up in blogging “know-how” through opinion columns?  While much less dynamic than an online setup, an opinion column works somewhat similarly to the blog format: chronological entries, each geared toward a specific subject and the author’s educated (mostly) thoughts/opinions on it and a degree of conversational accountability through Letters to the Editor.

It seems like many popular opinion columns in more established papers are already character blogs, writers becoming charicatures of themselves.


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