N.C. 208 – 232


It’s interesting that the real in-depth discussion of RSS and its impacts is only a section near the end of Naked Conversations, a book scribed about a year ago.  In comparison, RSS has been at the forefront of the discussions in this class almost since the first day.

In the previous section, Scoble and Israel talked much about the “right” things to with a blog– tell a story, keep it simple, etc.  Ironically, I think that RSS may potentially nullify or at least sidestep a few.  For example, one of my favorites, EastSouthWestNorth a blog run by a Hong Kong resident focusing almost exclusively on media studies and cross-cultural journalism, is probably the only blog that I currently make a habit of checking on a daily basis.  However, the blog’s design is shocking.  The sheer amount of textual data and hyperlinks sprayed over the front page is intimidating and almost impenetrable.

Without ESWN’s RSS feed, I would probably never have been able to follow the blog very closely at all, simply because of the design.  With the RSS feed, I’ve been able to tailor the real content of the blog to my specifications and access it on a more intimate, less convoluted basis.  In this way, the author actually seems to be in close touch with Internet trends, realizing that a very image-heavy, flashy front page design is not necessary when the user can customize the content within with this XML dialect.  Indeed, the content is the biggest draw of ESWN (as opposed to many other blogs that to me seem high on presentation and thin on intellectual meat), consistently enlightening and well-researched.


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