end of book!


The thing I liked best about the remainder of the book, was the way it defined and discussed many of the key concepts we have learned in this class. Things such as, podcasts, video blogs, tags, and RSS feeds were all mentioned. It is interesting, because they were all just coming into existence when this was written, and only a few people such as Scoble were using them. And now, people like me, who had never even heard of any of them, are actually learning how to use them.

I also liked the way he defined RSS feeds better than the definition I found a few weeks ago. One point he made was the fact that the information you receive is only the information that you want, unlike email subscription, where your information is often passed on to third parties. He says, “RSS empowers the receiver, not the sender, to decide when the subscription will be terminated.” I like the idea that RSS “recalibrates the playing field, changing the tilt from the company to the user.”


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