Naked Conversations Ch. 7&8


Chapter seven began by outlining some of the ways the ways in which the blog challenges PR, beginning with the press release. Press releases are edited over and over again by different levels of employees at a company, where a blog is simply a single persons thought Blogs are amplified by the people who receive them, where press releases are amplified by those who budgets that support them. Also, PR practitioners find ways to work with Bloggers, such as Frank X. Shaw who uses bloggers to sped the delivery of his message into the channel.

The rest of chapter 7 focuses on PR practitioners who also make good bloggers, such as Steve Rubel who has earned a spot in Media Magazines 100 most influential people to the media thanks to his blog Micro Persuasion.  Rubel, who began as just anothr PR practitioner, now encourages all of his clients to join the blogosphere. Rubel believes all agencies can prosper while providing clients services through blogging.

Mike Manuel who’s job it is to teach companies how to be more human (basically that;s what he does), tells his customers that the best way to join a conversation is to shut up and listen. Three major trends Manuel see’s being driven by blogging are
1. Blogs democratizing the media
2. Blogging making companies more transparent in their practices, and
3. blogs changing traditional PR practices.

Chapter  8 starts off with a small lesson on “Google Juice,” and I think I finally understand it. The more authenticity you have in the blogosphere, the more google juice you get.
My favorite segment in this chapter is abou the T-Shirt guy. It’s brilliant what he did building his business around customers like that, I guess the only possible way to do that would be through a blog. The customers not only come up with the ideas, but they buy them as well. He’s pretty much just the guy in the middle making money.

The end of the chapter goes into why blogging works for certain countries and companies and not for others. The authors claim that culture plays a major role in the way blogging develops.  For example, if a company provides an environment for their employees which encourages them to blog freely, than blogging will flourish for that company.


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