Naked Conversations: Do’s and Don’ts


“There are no rules.”  That’s something I’ve heard in class from time to time.  Technology is constantly changing and becoming more advanced.  It’s a time of experimentation and exploration, so why focus on rules?  However, there are a couple chapters in Naked Conversations that focus on “Blogging Wrong & Right.”  I didn’t think there were rules about blogging.  Then again, in this case, “rules” is too strong of a word.  How about referring to them as guidelines instead?   As informal as that may be, people or businesses may want to think twice if they plan on disregarding these guidelines, though.

According to the authors, “authenticity is the core value that makes blogging such a new and different way for businesses to communicate.  If authenticity is the defining feature of blogging, then credibility is its benefit.”   When blogging, your “voice” should come across naturally.  Blogging shouldn’t feel forced, as if you were trying too hard.   Instead,  keep it simple, and write about things that you’re passionate about in your blog.  If you’re interested in what you’re writing, then it’ll come across in your blog.

Something that I learned is the importance of comments at blogs.  OK, I’ll admit that my very first blog was at my MySpace account.  When people left comments at my blog, I would respond to their comments- if at all -by leaving a comment at their profile, waiting until the next time I talked them in person, etc.  However, blogging is a conversation, so it’s important to present it that way: have a conversation through the blog comments.  This also goes with being accessible, another tip from the authors.

Another “do” is linking to other websites.  Don’t limit your links to Web sites just inside of your business or organization.  Personally, I like it when Web sites, including blogs, have links to other sites.  It enhances the reading experience, and I can find more information about related topics.  From the blogger’s point of view, especially a business or organization, it’s important to have links, so you can “be the absolute best resource you can be for your readers.”

Overall, the information in this section is pretty straightforward, but it’s good to be aware of it.  It’ll come in handy, whether I blog for fun or my future job.


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