Naked Conversations is now clothed… i mean closed.


So the final chapters of Naked Conversations was very interesting because it pointed out a lot of things that have already happened, and also how much stuff has changed.  In ch. 14, it was interesting to read about how much the internet and technology in general has grown over the years.  You don’t really tend to realize how much it has changed unless you really think about it – how when the net first started, you searched, and got back relevant and irrelevant content jumbled together, then you got back mostly relevant content, and now, you get back relevant content and you have to compete for that top spot in the search.  It was also interesting how much RSS has changed since the book was published.  How, when the book was being written, RSS feeds went to your email, and that was the most convenient and common way, and now you can have special aggrigators, and even pages such as Google where you can organize your own RSS feeds.  They even referred to older versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer (by today’s standards) as the next generation of web browsers.  This statement alone shows how quickly technology is changing – almost monthly now instead of yearly.  I also liked in the final chapters how they discussed items essential to blogging such as tagging and Technorati, and also I liked Scoble’s Weblog Manifesto.


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