Naked Conversations pg. 149-208


In chapter 10 the authors warn that you will not enjoy the experience of blogging if you “do it wrong.” Frankly I think it’s impossible for the authors to really know whether or not people would enjoy the experience regardless of whether or not they follow their dos and don’ts. The two main rules are basically keep it real, and don’t market your product.

            A good example of a company who didn’t keep it real was Mazda who set up a blog with videos of one of their new cars. Mazda tried to pass it off as a blog set up by a hip young driver, but within hours the blogosphere caught the scam. Mazda lost all credibility with bloggers that day.

            As with the Mc Donald’s case, the authors suggest that if a company’s blog is rejected by the blogosphere, instead of retreating and terminating the blog, the company should apologize and ask bloggers for suggestions of what they can do to make the blog more genuine.

            Also, character blogs are lame. Don’t do it. A character Blog is when a company uses a fictitious character to emulate a real person. Bloggers hate seeing this, and they are usually pretty quick at catching them. If you are guilty of character blogging you may become a nominee for one of Hugh MacLeod’s Lame Blogging Awards. MacLeod is trying to discourage lame blogging.

            One of the worse things that can be done when it comes to blogging is staying out of the conversation all together like EA did when they refused to comment on a blog authored by one of their developer’s wives complaining of the poor work conditions. EA is now facing a second class action suit charging employee abuses.

            That’s enough about what not to do. Chapter 11 gives 11 really good tips on what you should be doing with your blog. Here are a couple of them, starting with the title. In order to optimize search engine results, you should title your blog something specific to what you are blogging about. Keeping your blog simple and focused, it’s best to have each post contain only one idea and only one set of links, this makes it easier for other bloggers to link to your page.

            Chapter 12 looks at some danger zones in blogging that can lead to getting “Dooced.” One of the danger zones is not matching up with the companies PR image, such as the Delta flight attendant who posted a sexy picture of herself on her blog wearing her uniform. She was depicting an image Delta’s PR was trying to change, and she got dooced for it.

            The authors introduce us (or introduce me at least, I had never heard of it) to the safety knob. If you turn the knob too much in one direction, chances are you are entering a danger zone, if you turn it too much in the other direction, chances are your blog is way boring and no one will read or link to it. It’s all about keeping a balance.

            Wow, this post is way to long, I better stop.


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