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YAHOOOOO Final-ly done

May 22, 2007

With the help of Mr. Sloan, I got my final up and running check out my video’s @

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My picture and class final ideas! – Joe Aguila

May 9, 2007

Handsome Girl, Pretty Guy

Wrapping up Naked Conversations – Joe Aguila

May 8, 2007

As said in chapter 14 The Big Picture, “not much was happening in technology, but in fact there has been a lot of innovation stirring behind the scenes.” How so true this comment is, since the dot com boom, from my personal experience, it just seems that technology internally and externally just keeps getting better. One good example is that game Second Life, the one we learned about in class. Now because of our advancing technologies, business people from across the world can meet together in game and discuss business matters in a fun way.

Naked Conversations through pg. 208 – Joe Aguila

May 8, 2007

Again, more excellent reading through page 208, especially my favorite part in pages 205 -208, “First Couple’s Trouble.” As a PR major, I always learn about crisis communication, and in this case, the couple used blogging as a way to put away all the negative things being said about them by customers when they had to charge people for there once freeware software. Blogging had a huge affect for them because they were able to communicate effectively through blogging letting customers know why they did what they had to do, to help them understand they situation better through a business aspect, and it worked. kudos to blogging!

This is me blogger – Joe Aguila

April 24, 2007

The Amazing fabulous life of Joe Aguila

Final Project idea – Joe Aguila

April 24, 2007

We’ll, after giving much thought (though still a bit unclear of what we have to do) I want to do a podcast about the current NBA playoffs, giving my own insight, news, updates and analysis. I feel this is going to be real fun because (1) I’ll get to talk about my favorite sport, and (2) I’ll be able to give insight and feedback from my own personal standpoint, instead of having to hear the professional sport analysts on their intake.

Naked Conversations III – Joe Aguila

April 24, 2007

A lot of interesting read in Naked Conversations, but the one section I didn’t agree was in Chapter 9 – Who should Not Blog. Anyone who wants to blog should blog, no matter how dull, boring or uninteresting they may sound. The internet is so vast, I’m sure you’ll eventually capture some sort of audience. In this chapter, they mentioned Saddam Hussein shouldn’t blog (well from my understanding of current news, i think he’s dead) but even if he did blog or does, I think it would be interesting read (more for comedic relief). However, as I continue to read Naked Conversations, I’m liking the book more and more. Blogging is becoming a way of life, and not only are people accepting it, so are businesses. I give the casual blogger more credit than they deserve, if you know something doesn’t sound right or the information in a blog doesn’t seem accurate then it probably isn’t. And the great thing about blogging, also mentioned in Chapter 9, we can all post what ever we want to say and if you don’t like it, well, “tough love.”

GETV (reposted) Sorry other link I had was down

April 20, 2007

GETV (Geek Entertainment Television) is a video blog i found in This segment is actually really cool. In this blog, the reporter interviews two people about their cool, geeky devices. The first person shows an interactive global map of the world. What’s cool about this is that you can pan in and out of the map and you can view any parts of the world. You can zoom in and out and it tells you all sorts of information about what location you’re looking at. The second device shown in this blog is about a robot dog that can actually see words and speak them out. It’s really cool and you should check out this video blog.

Inside Onomy Labs

Naked Conversations Pt.2 – Joe Aguila

April 20, 2007

After reading Chp5, It’s obvious that Business Blogging has become a new marketing tool and that’s fantastic. Now a days, most marketing strategies are shallow and annoying, for example pop up ads in most websites etc. But not blogging. In the section of “Seven Cows, Five Blogs” they have five different bloggers covering 5 types of customers for Stoneyfield Farm. That shows they care and covers a lot of public opinion, which only leads to one important thing, customer satisfaction. Leading into into Chp6, is Blogging a marketing tool? Most definitely, as they said in the chapter is a new marketing function but whats great about it, is that it’s actually fun. As a PR major, this is a great tool to learn for future jobs and I’m excited because I love to blog and it’s going to make my profession that much more fun.

Naked Conversations Pt.1 – Joe Aguila

April 19, 2007

It’s funny because I’ve always been a blogger but never realized it, just thought that this technology was just part of the “internet community.” If anyone remembers Xanga, or still has an account, it’s a journalistic diary/blog where people rant about their personal lives. I’ve known people who work in high top business’s where they couldn’t blog about their companies, and other friends who’s companies encourage blogging, to give themselves good reputation and word of mouth of their practices. Much like in “Naked Conversations,” Microsoft’s reputation actually got better because of blogging. There’s always a positive and a negative when it comes to these kinds of things, business’s and employee’s blogging can be good and bad in many different ways.