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My Final Project

May 22, 2007

This is my vlog and feed address.

Here’s Devon’s final

May 22, 2007

After much work and only a couple hours of sleep, here it is!

YAHOOOOO Final-ly done

May 22, 2007

With the help of Mr. Sloan, I got my final up and running check out my video’s @

Joe’s Blogger



May 22, 2007

Just because its buried several days back, here is my rss url again

Thats all.

My Final!!!

May 21, 2007

This is the url to my podcast

Final Vlog Post

May 21, 2007

Hey Everyone,

Here are my video blogs.

The three videos’ themes revolve around what’s important to me, which is my apartment, my bike and my storytelling skills.


Sample of Final Project

May 21, 2007

Podcast in iTunes

A sample of what you should see
This what the final product looks like in iTunes. Here is a sample vlog. You note the “chicklet” in the top right that links to the RSS feed you created in Feedburner. Feedburner converts your vlog into a podcast. It is like a language converter. The chicklet links to your Feedburner feed and allows folks (like me) to subscribe to your vlog as a podcast. When everything works right the vlog/podcast will be able to be viewed in iTunes. Note, on the vlog, how each episode has a short description. This is important for viewers to be able to make sense of the resulting pocast in iTunes.

Your Clock Is Ticking!

May 21, 2007

If you need help with the final project, the bell is ringing midnight. Do not assume I will be able to help if you just walk in. Check my schedule! My calender is here.

Final Project

May 21, 2007

You are running out of time if you do not have your final project done. If you have not finished you are advised to get all your videos done and posted to your Blogger Blog before you create your Feedburner feed. Then, when you create your Feedburner feed, Feedburner checks your Blogger Blog when it creates the RSS/Podcast feed. Once that is done it may not check it for quite awhile for new content. This is why I had advised folks to complete this assignment by midnight last night.

I have advised folks to post their content to the class server. There are other ways than the one I have advised to complete this assignment. For example at least a couple of folks are trying to follow the process recommended by Freevlog to post content to But, your content must be in an iTunes compatible format! Apple’s “.mov” Qucktime format is the one that is recommended. By default, Blip converts all videos to a format that is not iTunes compatible.

If you do this assignment any other way than what was advised in the class, you are on your own! Your best bet is to get your videos to me as soon as possible for posting to the server. If you have not done this, do this now. You are already late!

It is important to know there are potential gotchas in the Freevlog recommended process for posting video. To understand what these are, and why these are, you need to understand the nature of this assignment is that your podcast must work in iTunes. The Freevlog process seems to focus on open source RSS/Podcast readers like Fireant and Democracy. There is an almost philosophical aversion by some proponents of open source solutions to proprietary solutions like Apple’s iTunes. So, their tutorials may not be compatable with this final on this topic.

NOTE: Converting content from a non-iTunes compatible format to one that is iTunes compatible means using a program that does file conversion. I bought that program! You CANNOT do this conversion by merely changing the last three digits of the file name.

Vlog links

May 20, 2007

My blog can be found here. The URL to the feed is right here