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PodTech: Building great sites with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

April 30, 2007

About Dreamweaver CS3
This is great for web developers, or those who want to be:

If you create web pages for education institutions and are as concerned as all of us are about accessibility and 508 compliance, in short, you have got to check this out. In this Scoble Show interview Robert Scoble talks with Kenneth Berger, Adobe’s Product Manager for Dreamweaver CS3. Scoble and Berger talk about many of the new features of the new CS3 version of Dreamweaver, including accessibility compliance. There are some great new tools here!

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IBM VP to talk on Open Source

April 24, 2007

SJSU Talk on Open Source
Keith Callenberg of the SJSU Linux User’s Group reports, “Bob Sutor, VP of Open Source at IBM, will be giving a talk on open source titled “Open Source and Standards as Catalysts for Innovation and New Business.” The talk will be held in BBC 202 this Thursday (April 26) at 4pm.

The future of ultra mobile computing

April 13, 2007

Ultra Mobile Computing

The future of computing
I truly believe the future of computing is ultra mobile with always on wireless broadband. Pervasive and wearable computing devices may not even be thought of as computers. This is what it may be like.

I have started a video blog

April 11, 2007

My new video blog is here.

What is a video blog?

Simply put a video blog (also known as a vlog) is a blog made up of videos. Here are some characteristics:

  • It does not have to have an RSS feed. Podcasts ARE RSS feeds!
  • It has all of the reverse chronological, commenting and post centric characteristics of a blog. (It is a blog!)
  • It is only video (unlike podcasts that can be mixed.)
  • It is made up of multiple videos in reverse chronological sequence. This is different from video sharing websites like YouTube that are not.

Friday Funnies: Supermarket 2.0

April 6, 2007

Supermarket 2.0

Supermarket 2.0
This video plays on the concepts of Web 2.0 and puts them in the context of grocery shopping.

Josh Leo Vlogger

March 30, 2007

Josh Leo

Josh Leo’s Vlogiversary Video
Josh Leo is a wonderfully gifted filmaker, story teller and vlogger. Here is his two year anniversary vlog post. Prepare to be inspired, I am!

Hope: By Akshay Vyas

March 21, 2007

Hope by Akshay Vyas

Akshay Vyas makes great films featuring Help Desk Staff

SJSU student and Help Desk staff member Akshay Vyas has made several short films. He has been working with other students, including student assistants from the University Help Desk, such as Rahul Jain, Nupur Sinha, Nirav Patel and Diwakar Mani. In my opinion, these are wonderful short films. They are great examples of what students can do when they apply their own talent and passion despite having limited resources.

Last night, Akshay came and spoke to my class. All the skills used making his short films apply directly to what we are doing in Journalism 163. Akshay is an Electrical Engineering graduate student. I hope he does well with his studies and that he also continues with film making.

The dedication, passion, skill and experience at film making Akshay and our other help desk staff are showing and gaining is available to other SJSU students who need help with their own films and video blogs. This help is available at the help desk located on the first floor of Clark Hall at San Jose State University.

Akshay and all the wonderful students at the university help desk, are an absolute pleasure to work with.

STEM is Wednesday!

March 13, 2007

STEM meeting

You are invited to STEM
The Student Technology and Emerging Media (STEM) club meets weekly on Wednesdays in Clark Hall 116 at 4:30pm. All SJSU students, faculty and staff are invited to attend!

Open Source Illustrator Alternative

March 13, 2007

Open Source Illustrator Substitute
Yesterday The Gimp, a possible Open Source (free) substitute for Photoshop, was mentioned on my blog. Business student and local entrepreneur Lambert Lum followed this up with a plug for Inkscape, a Vector Graphics Editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator, that strives to be SVG Compliant, open source, responsive and extensible. Lambert said:

I see you like gimp. Don’t forget about inkscape. Inkscape is the open source alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Inkscape is also quite easy to use. After eight hours with the tutorial, I had a full grasp of all the major features.

Like The Gimp, Inkscape will run in Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Unfortunately for Mac users, (also like the GIMP) it runs in X11 (not for the non-Geek Mac User.) It is sweet for Windows users and I have installed it! I have Illustrator, but often it is too complicated. Inkscape is just right.

JMC163 for March 13, 2007

March 12, 2007

Guest Speaker
Still photography, photojournalism and new media. Introducing Flickr (and other photo social media) and photo blogging: Daniel Sato

Vlogging on the Mac
Demo of using the iSite on a Mac to do a simple Vlog entry. Also, a demo of iMovie another tool for video blogging.

Keystone technologies for the Web
HTML; Introduction to Dreamweaver and Web Page Design.

HTML 102; Do Web Page using Dreamweaver.

Mid Term Discussion
We will continue the discussion about the mid-term and the production schedule for it.

The evolving Web, beyond HTML
Introduceing: Web. 2.0, XML, RSS and related technologies.

Creating an RSS Feed
Introduction to Podcasting

Book Discussion
Looking back on Cluetrain