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Edwards coming to SJSU

May 29, 2007

John Edwards is going to be in San Jose next Thursday to meet with local supporters, and he would like to invite you join him. Space is limited, so I hope you sign up to reserve your spot right away .

Here are the details:

  • What: “Small Change for Big Change” grassroots fundraiser with John Edwards and you
  • Where: San Jose State University Student Union, Loma Pietra room One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192
  • When: Thursday, May 31st

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Tickets are $15
*Cash bar*
RSVP to reserve your spot online

This is an important event, because it’s our first “Small Change for Big Change” grassroots fundraiser.

It’s very expensive to reach out to voters in early primary states and across the nation. But the trouble with the usual fundraisers is that they are only open to those ready to write huge checks—and this campaign is built on reaching out to everyone.

So John asked his campaign to organize this series of grassroots fundraisers for supporters who share our passion but may only be able to spare $100, 50, or $25 dollars. In fact, for this Thursday’s event, tickets are just $15 each.

This campaign is about working together to achieve truly transformational change for our country and our world. We’re about creating a world where to every man woman and child in America has the quality health care they need, where no child here (or anywhere) has to go to bed hungry, where the planet and its people do not have to face the ravages of global warming, and where our men and women in Iraq are swiftly brought home to a hero’s welcome.

Is this all possible? Can we create that world? Yes. But not without you.

If you’d like to join us in this great effort, John would like to meet you this Thursday and talk to you about what’s next. We really hope you’ll be able to make it.

Here’s the link again to RSVP to reserve your spot online

IBM VP to talk on Open Source

April 24, 2007

SJSU Talk on Open Source
Keith Callenberg of the SJSU Linux User’s Group reports, “Bob Sutor, VP of Open Source at IBM, will be giving a talk on open source titled “Open Source and Standards as Catalysts for Innovation and New Business.” The talk will be held in BBC 202 this Thursday (April 26) at 4pm.

News Media On Campus

April 17, 2007

Camera Phone Post: I have never seen anything like it
The news media is everywhere. I was interviewed by Channel seven. This is Karina Rusk, the person who interviewed me.

Virginia on my mind

April 16, 2007

Students killed

My Opinion: We need to do what we can to reduce stress and tension
I don’t think we do enough to reduce stress at SJSU and tension is often unnecessarily high on our campus. A campus does not have to be as tense as ours is. With a little effort we could make it much more pleasant and less stressful for students to get an education at SJSU. It seems to me that reducing student frustration, stress and anxiety is not a high enough priority on our campus.

For example:

  • I believe the hassles students have to go through to get enrolled at SJSU are incredible and inexcusable.
  • When students at SJSU have problems it is not clear to students where to go to get their problems resolved. Getting solutions at our campus can be like navigating a maze of disconnected groups that do not talk to each other. For example, today students at SJSU had to pay fees. Many of them created tickets in our “Help Desk” ticketing system asking to get their fee paying issues resolved. Since the university does not have one ticketing system for the entire campus the only resolution we could give our students was to point them in the direction of another help desk who we thought could help them.
  • In our computer lab in Clark Hall there is a print station. You have to pay for prints when you use the computers with a card that you have to add value to. But, there is no place in the lab to add money to the card. Try telling that to a student who is in a rush to print a paper before a class.

At the time I am writing this I do not know what set this guy off in Virginia
But, in my heart, I think there is a lot we could be doing to reduce stress at SJSU. It may cost a little bit to fix these stress points. But, it is worth the cost. Life is so short, and so precious.

The future of ultra mobile computing

April 13, 2007

Ultra Mobile Computing

The future of computing
I truly believe the future of computing is ultra mobile with always on wireless broadband. Pervasive and wearable computing devices may not even be thought of as computers. This is what it may be like.

An Activist Grandma, ‘Embedded’ in Iraq

April 11, 2007

California grandmother and blogger is the latest addition to the menagerie of freelancers, filmmakers and activists who have been allowed to see war first hand as “embeds.”


Union sets SJSU Strike Date

March 29, 2007

April 18 & 19, From CFA:
By now most of you know that a 94% vote to authorize rolling strikes has brought the CSU administration back to the bargaining table. Your participation in the strike vote helped make this happen. We have extended the contract by 10 days to see if we can negotiate a fair contract based on the very favorable fact-finder’s report.

As all of CFA’s leadership has said, we are cautiously optimistic that a deal can be achieved. While somewhat hopeful, we have been disappointed before and we believe that it is only prudent for us to continue to prepare for a strike should the administration waver in its commitment to settle. For nearly two years we have been pushing this rock up a very steep hill; we are now just 10 feet from the top. If we stop pushing now we could find ourselves back at the bottom of the hill with no momentum and no leverage.

If the administration wavers, we must be prepared to shut the campuses down. And if thousands of faculty sign up for picket duty, that also will stop any wavering by the administration.

Should we fail to achieve a settlement by the end of the 10 day contract extension, our campus will be going out on strike on Wednesday and Thursday, April 18 and 19.

Strike News – From the University

March 25, 2007

To the Campus Community —
California State University’s Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Samuel Strafaci sent this update on contract negotiations with the CFA to presidents of the system’s 23 campuses today, following publication of fact-finding recommendations and a meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees. President Don W. Kassing asked that it be shared with all SJSU faculty, staff and students.

March 25, 2007

CSU Presidents:
The CSU Board of Trustees today deferred a decision on fact-finding recommendations. The contract has been extended until April 6, 2007, to allow the parties to use the fact-finding panel’s report as a basis for settlement. There will be no concerted strike activity during this period.

Samuel A. Strafaci
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Human Resources

Support staff to cross faculty picket lines?

March 24, 2007

The Staff Union Contract Requires Crossing Faculty Picket Lines
Article 6.2 of the new California State Employees Union (CSUEU) support staff contract says, “The Union shall not promote, organize or support any strike or other concerted activity, including sympathy strikes, which would interfere with or adversely affect the operations or mission of the CSU.” This is why in my role as a staff member I voted against the ratification of this staff union contract. I do not think any union should sign a contract with a clause like this in it. The thought that it is in our contract just makes me sick. This may cause bitterness between university support staff and faculty that will last for many years.

Siegler to Faculty on Strike

March 22, 2007

This document was sent to me [PDF]. I was told it was sent to all SJSU faculty with this explanation:

Enclosed please find a message from Provost Carmen Sigler regarding campus concerted activities.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.