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STEM is Wednesday!

March 13, 2007

STEM meeting

You are invited to STEM
The Student Technology and Emerging Media (STEM) club meets weekly on Wednesdays in Clark Hall 116 at 4:30pm. All SJSU students, faculty and staff are invited to attend!

Andrew Venegas on Vlogging

March 8, 2007

Andrew Venegas in JMC163

Andrew Venegas talked to the class about Vlogging
Last Tuesday Andrew Venegas spoke to the class about Video Blogging. The conversation is recorded and is available here as an MP3 download.

Podcast: 01:08:12 duration, 15.6 MB MP3 – Posted March 08, 2007 Raw unedited audio, recorded March 06, 2007.
To listen to lower quality, smaller file size, audio, click here –> MP3 File Here

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STEM is a go!

February 23, 2007

STEM Intro Video

STEM is official, has a blog and everything
Having one kid in who is in his thirties and two in their twenties (yes, we started young) I can assure you that what is written above is true, but that is another post. I am thrilled to be the faculty adviser to the coolest club at SJSU, the SJSU Technology and Emerging Media Club (STEM.) They are meeting weekly in the Incubator Conference Room in Clark Hall and are sharing and teaching themselves and fellow students how to use and create emerging media including blogs, RSS, Podcasts, Video Blogs and virtual worlds. STEM meets Wednesdays at 4:30 in Clark 116.

STEM (SJSU Technology & Emerging Media

February 22, 2007

For those of you that don’t know, I am VP of a new student organization on campus that is looking to educate students on new media. We’re getting them to blog, vlog, cast every which way, tag, and generally be geekier. STEM is still in its infancy, and any attention we can get and hype we generate will only help promote greater respect for technology in education and the need to continuously evolve methodology. Please feel free to pass this vid around the internet and get people talking. And yes, that is Ze Frank doing that thang he does best.) -Drew